We Need To Redefine Productivity

Why watching a movie doesn’t make you lazy.

Julia Appa
2 min readJan 13, 2022


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Knock knock.

Who is it?

It’s me and I’ve got an unpopular opinion.

Unpopular to who?

Hustle culture and the corporate environment.

What does it mean to be productive?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines productivity as “the rate at which a person, company or country does useful work”.

Sounds simple, but pretty vague. What is considered useful and what isn’t?

The Cambridge Dictionary has also got a second definition which is a little more detailed, thereby productivity means:

“the rate at which a company or country makes goods, usually judged in connection with the number of people and the amount of materials necessary to produce the goods”.

Now we’re getting somewhere.

Productivity is all about how much a company can get out of you.

We are considered productive when we create more sales, answer more e-mails, take on more work. We are considered productive when we do over hours and don’t take any days off from work.

Productivity, as it is defined today, is also about how much you can neglect your personal needs. We are expected to work like machines.

Most of us who work in a corporate environment don’t even have the time to eat healthy, exercise, meet friends. That’s why we feel an inner void and as though our energy levels are constantly depleted.

Productivity means self-sacrifice at the expense of our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Is your well-being not important?

Is it not important to be stable, mentally and emotionally, so you can keep showing up to work?

Wouldn’t looking after your health mean that you’re being productive even if you don’t produce anything?

Don’t feel guilty for taking time off.

Most people wouldn’t think that you’re productive when you’re watching a movie.

I disagree. I watched three movies last weekend and it made me feel great.

My consumption of these particular movies won’t add anything to the world but if watching a movie recharges my batteries, I am being productive.

Anything that helps you to relax and get rid of stress is productive. Even if society tries to tell you otherwise.

Go and play video games if you feel like it.

Don’t let the corporate world, hustle culture or society tell you or trick you into believing that you are lazy and that you don’t deserve to rest.

Believe me. If you don’t look after yourself and if you don’t take the time to rest, your body and mind will take revenge on you.



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