This pretty much sums up how I'm feeling about Medium. Like I can't reach my goals and probably won't be successful here no matter how many more articles I write. Currently I am trying to juggle university, working part-time, a social life, household chores and Medium. Therefore, it's not realistic for me to publish quality content every 2 or 3 days (which is what I needed to do if I want more people to read my writing). I'm glad if I manage to publish 1-2 articles each week.

You provide a lot of valuable advice for writers who are just getting started and yet, these tips only make me doubt myself more.

Am I too young to create articles others might find useful? Do I write about topics people find lame?

I read it again and again. Pump out as much content as you can but don't be generic, get into big publications but don't write for the audience. Write for yourself. I find that these tips are contradicting each other. For instance, you said one should write for the sake of writing and forget about earning any money but then you say that you do care about claps and views and responses and that you should avoid self-publishing as your piece probably won't get a lot of views. So these things become the new currency which shape both what you write about and how you write. Doesn't that show that writing for the sake of writing is not a thing anymore?

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