Feeling Lonely In A Metropolis

Studying abroad made me realize I don’t want to live in my hometown

Julia Appa
6 min readAug 17, 2020


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A lot of people are fascinated with big cities like Berlin, London, New York, or Los Angeles and consider moving there even though they don’t know a single soul. On top of that, rent is hardly ever affordable.

Despite these disadvantages, there is a variety of reasons why big cities continue to attract masses of people.

Why megacities and metropolises lure you in

Generally, megacities are seen as fun, interesting and exciting. They offer a lot of working opportunities, sometimes even in international companies. That can be an incredibly important aspect for individuals who are looking to kick start their career and work abroad later on in their lives.

I’ve met some people in Hamburg who grew up in small villages that just didn’t have anything to offer. They left in an attempt to get rid of the boredom that they have experienced during their teenage lives and felt an urge to live a life that was unlike their parents’ because it didn’t seem desirable to them. They wanted to evolve and feel a sense of accomplishment.

“Life was just boring, you know. So I left.”

While I can see the appeal to move to a megacity, I also have to say that very often people are not necessarily attracted to the city itself rather than the image that they have created of this city in their minds.

And if you haven’t guessed so already, that city does not always live up to their dreams, and that’s when people get frustrated and complain that life isn’t fair on them.

If there’s something that I learned during my life, again and again, it is that expectations set you up for disappointments.

However, when you are not expecting anything at all — and it doesn’t matter whether that’s a film, a party or a date — you often find yourself pleasantly surprised.

I guess, it is a bit naïve to move to a different city and expect your life to be entertaining and adventurous 24/7. People tend to think that they are only going to do things that they like and meet amazing people.



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